Breakfast 8-11 AM

Lebanese breakfast – soft-boiled eggs on labneh cheese, zaatar, coriander, lemon juice with pita bread 160 Kč
Japanese sandwich TAMAGO with egg spread, fresh chives and watercress 120 Kč
Soft-boiled eggs with parmesan cheese flakes and fresh chives 135 Kč
Omelette with cheese & bacon 125 Kč
Hokkaido milk bread- Japanese toasted bread with butter and homemade jam or honey 110 Kč
Eggs Benedict with marinated salmon, yuzu hollandaise sauce and roasted sesame 185 Kč
26grains oatmeal porridge with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, homemade granola and seasonal fruits 120 Kč
Cold oatmeal porridge with coconut milk, passion fruit and roasted almonds 130 Kč
MONKEY BUSINESS - smoothie bowl with coconut milk, banana, peanut butter, homemade granola with nuts, chia seeds, fresh fruits and raw cocoa 120 Kč
MATCHA MAN - smoothie bowl with coconut milk, matcha green tea, banana, chia seeds and fresh fruits 130 Kč

main course 11-6 PM

Salad bar - all salads can be prepared in vegan style upon request 100g / 90 Kč
Soup of the day 85 Kč
Kampong rice paper roll (not fried) with prawns, homemade filling with fermented soya beans and cucumber-coconut dipping sauce 70 Kč
Japanese street food Okonomiyaki with pickled ginger, dried bonito flakes, bacon, cheddar cheese and japanese mayonnaise 220 Kč
Szechuan wontons with chilli oil and japanese wafu salad 230 Kč
Hummus Beiruti with meat balls, roasted pine nuts, zaatar, fresh herbs with lemon juice, pita bread 199 Kč
Hummus Baladi with zaatar, guacamole and fresh parsley, pita bread 180 Kč
Famous malay XL noodle soup Laksa with prawns, chicken, coriander and lime 245 Kč
ALOHA Poke with marinated salmon, avocado, mango, caramelised eggplant, edamame and mungo sprouts 235 Kč


Espresso / Americano 55 Kč
Double espresso 75 Kč
Espresso macchiato 65 Kč
Filtered coffee 70 Kč
Cappuccino 65 Kč
Flat white 80 Kč
Latte 80 Kč
Ice Cube Latte „MOUNT EVEREST“ 95 Kč
Arabic coffee 55 Kč
Vietnamese coffee 55 Kč
Omotesando – coffee with creamy liqueur 75 Kč
Hot chocolate with whipped cream 90 Kč
japanese soy milk + 10 Kč


Matcha latte / matcha cappuccino 90 Kč
Organic matcha 85 Kč
Organic Genmaicha - japanese green tea with roasted rice 105 Kč
Organic Fukamushi sencha - japanese steamed green tea from Shizuoka 105 Kč
Hojicha – roasted green tea 105 Kč
Yuzucha - japanese yuzu citrus tea 99 Kč
Casablanca – black and green tea blend with moroccan mint 95 Kč
Fresh mint infusion 75 Kč
Fresh ginger infusion 75 Kč
Chai Latte 80 Kč
English breakfast, Earl Grey 95 Kč
Mariage Frères Marco Polo black tea 95 Kč
Mariage Frères Marco Polo green tea 95 Kč
Thai Iced Tea 85 Kč

Mineral water

Mattoni Grand (33cl) still / lightly carbonated 40 Kč
Evian (33cl / 75cl) 70 Kč / 115 Kč
Perrier (33cl / 75cl) 70 Kč / 115 Kč

Soft drinks

FRITZ COLA / FRITZ COLA Diet (20cl) 55 Kč
THOMAS HENRY tonic water / ginger beer (20cl) 65 Kč
Fresh juice - orange / grapefruit (25cl) 99 Kč
Carafe of water 1l 20 Kč

Homemade lemonade (40cl)

Daily offer 70 Kč
Limonana – minty lemonade 60 Kč


ASAHI – japanese beer (33cl) 75 Kč
Albrecht ZERO non-alcoholic beer (50cl) 45 Kč


GIN&TONIC Japanese Roku gin 150 Kč


Gruner Veltliner Zuschman (1dcl) 88 Kč
Drache Riesling Von Winning (1dcl) 101 Kč
Riesling sekt extra brut Von Winning (1dcl) 121 Kč
Zweigeltrebe Trapl (1dcl) 88 Kč
Blaufrankisch Kalkstein Preisinger 1dcl 101 Kč