Bagel filled with smoked salmon, cucumber and honey dressing 145 Kč
Butter croissant with stewed ham, gouda cheese, tomatoes and mayonnaise 120 Kč
Farmer's bread with avocado 120 Kč
Duck liver pate with Cumberland sauce 135 Kč
Butter SOFA croissant 65 Kč
Almond SOFA croissant 85 Kč
Soft-boiled egg with parmesan flakes and fresh chives 95 Kč
Farmer´s sausages with honey mustard and grated horseradish 120 Kč
Rabbit sausages “Debrecen” style with coarse-grained mustard and grated horseradish 145 Kč
Oatmeal with maple syrup and strawberries 120 Kč
- also available in vegan style with coconut milk 130 Kč
Crumpets “Dejvice” style with banana, Nutella and roasted nuts 120 Kč
Farmer´s yoghurt with honey and nuts 115 Kč
Own mixed muesli served with:
- milk 120 Kč
- farm yoghurt 120 Kč
- also available in vegan style with coconut milk 130 Kč
Fresh fruit cuts 120 Kč


Salad bar - all salads can be prepared in vegan style upon request 100g / 90 Kč
Selection of pastries, fresh butter 30 Kč
„Mansson“ fruit bread with nuts, figs and dates 95 Kč
French onion soup with cheese croutons 95 Kč
Soup of the day 95 Kč

Gratinated pasta with smoked pork ribs – „Šunkofleky“ 195 Kč
Gratinated BRASSICA with dried tomatoes and Mornay sauce 155 Kč
Tortilla baked with ingredients of your choice: ham/cheese/bacon 95 Kč
Vegetable crudité served with selection of dips (tuna mayonnaise, hummus, avocado guacamole) 165 Kč
Salad Verde 85 Kč
Radicchio salad with gorgonzola, caramelized pears and nuts 225 Kč
Lettuce with red radishes, chive and Dijon vinaigrette 165 Kč
Little Gem salad with baked Grenaille potatoes, olives, green beans and egg with tuna in brine 215 Kč
Romaine lettuce with chicken, parmesan flakes, anchovy dressing and bacon 195 Kč
SOFA CAFÉ signature Kamchatka crab salad 375 Kč
Lorraine pie with Gruyere cheese and roasted bacon 185 Kč
Mushroom pie with spring onion and Grana Padano parmesan 165 Kč
Beijing burger 265 Kč
Mystery burger 265 Kč

Doubleshot Coffee

Espresso 50 Kč
Ristretto 50 Kč
Double espresso 85 Kč
Espresso macchiato 55 Kč
Cappuccino 65 Kč
Flat white 85 Kč
Latte macchiato 70 Kč
Caramel Latte 95 Kč
Liégeois 105 Kč
Ice Cube Latte „MOUNT EVEREST“ 115 Kč
Decaffeinated coffee variations available upon request. Coffee can be prepared in combination with almond milk upon request.

Hot drinks

Tea infusions KUSMI 85 Kč
Fresh mint tea 85 Kč
Fresh ginger tea 85 Kč
Mixed fresh mint and ginger tea 85 Kč
Homemade fruit tea 85 Kč
Hot chocolate with whipped cream 85 Kč
Chai latte 90 Kč

Mineral water

Korunní exclusive (33cl) still / lightly carbonated 35 Kč
Evian (33cl / 75cl) 55 Kč / 105 Kč
Perrier (33cl / 75cl) 55 Kč / 105 Kč

Soft drinks

Coca - Cola / Coca - Cola zero (20cl) 55 Kč
Thomas Henry tonic water / bitter lemon / ginger beer (20cl) 55 Kč
Granini - fruit juice (20cl) 45 Kč
Fresh juice - orange / grapefruit (25cl) 99 Kč
Crodino – aperitivo non alcolico (10cl) 75 Kč

Homemade lemonade (50cl)

Daily offer 75 Kč

Smoothies (50cl / 25cl)

Mango, lime, banana 120 Kč / 60 Kč
Pineapple, coconut milk, orange, banana, lime 120 Kč / 60 Kč
Raspberry, blueberry, orange, lime, strawberry 120 Kč / 60 Kč
Strawberry, mint 120 Kč / 60 Kč
Beetroot, apple, pineapple, carrot 120 Kč / 60 Kč

Milk shakes (33cl)

Banana 125 Kč
Strawberry 125 Kč


Pilsner Urquell (33cl) 45 Kč
Birell (33cl) 40 Kč


Pinot Grigio Alto Adige Elena Walch 2017 (0,15l / 0,75l) 134 Kč / 890 Kč
Nero d´Avola CusumanoTerre Siciliane 2016 (0,15l / 0,75l) 127 Kč / 635 Kč
Prosecco Valdo Valdobbiadene Cuvée di Boj (0,1l / 0,75l) 114 Kč / 760 Kč